Program Overview

A Deliverable-oriented approach to successfully plan and complete projects on time and within budget using MS Projects

Lecturer: Mr S Schmidt B.Eng (Civil) Hon. B. Eng (Project Management), University of Stellenbosch.

Course Outline

Day 1: Introduction to Project Management Methodologies
Identifying Phases, Deliverables and Milestones

Project Initiation and Justification
Business Goals, Objectives and Strategy
A Systems Approach to Stakeholder Analysis
Determining Project Objectives - the role of the Sponsor
Preparation of the Scope Statement
Obtaining a Project Charter
Project Feasibility using a Business Case

Group Task: Initiate, motivate and justify a Selected Project.

Day 2: Project Planning and Scheduling
The Project Planning Process
Project Planning Assumptions, Constraints and Dependencies
Resource Requirements and Procurement
Cost Estimates and Budgets
Project Risk Planning Methods

Group Task: Detail planning of the Selected Project based on a Work Breakdown Structure.

Day 3: Planning and Scheduling Tools: Microsoft Project
Creating a Project Plan with MS Project
Managing Resources
Cost Estimating with MS Project
Saving a Baseline

Group Task: Capturing the Selected Project on MS Project

Day 4: Project Organisation and Communication
Project Management Roles and Responsibilities
Team Development
Implementing and Managing Change in Organisations
Development of a Project Communications Plan

Group Task: Development of a Project Communications Plan for the Selected Project.

Day 5: Project Tracking and Reporting with Microsoft Project
Techniques for Tracking project progress and costs
Filtering and Sorting information
Overview of Reports
Custom Reports

Method of Assessment:

Examination: the afternoon of Day 5 (3 hours)
Task: Capture and reflect progress and costs to date on MS Project for the Selected Project.