Program Overview

Module 1: Understanding the Project Management Environment

   Chapter 1: Introduction to Project Management
          Historical Development
          Definition and Characteristics of a Project
          Project Objectives
          The Project Management Method

Module 2: Preparing for Project Management Implementation

    Chapter 2: Introduction to Project Planning
          Introduction to Project Planning
          Project Planning in Perspective
          Planning Theory
          The Planning Cycle
    Chapter 3: Planning the Plan
          Structuring a Project Methodology
          Outlining the Project Plan

Module 3: Conceptual Planning of the Project

    Chapter 4: Project Feasibility
          Project Technical Feasibility
          Project Financial Feasibility
    Chapter 5: Scope Development
          Scope Planning
          Project Initiation
          Scope Planning
          Scope Definition

Module 4: Detailed Planning of the Project

    Chapter 6: Quality Planning
          Definition and Characteristics of Quality
          Quality Management Systems
          Quality Program Development
          Quality Costs
    Chapter 7: Cost Estimating
          Estimating Methodology
          Estimating Project Costs
    Chapter 8: Time Planning
          Historical background
          Network Planning Methods
          The Interactive Nature of Network Planning
    Chapter 9: Project Procurement
          Procurement in specific industries
          Procurement Functions
          The Procurement Cycle
          Concepts in the Procurement Process
    Chapter 10: Project Risk Management
          Project Risk
          Risk Classification
          Decision Tree analysis

Module 5: Planning for Control of the Project

    Chapter 11: Project Organisation
          The Matrix System
          Matrix Conflict Management
          Alternative Management Structures
    Chapter 12: Project Communications
          The Communication process
          Barriers to effective communications
          Project Communications

Module 6: Executing and Control of the Project

    Chapter 13: Project Time and Cost Control
          Control functions
          The cost control cycle
          Expenditure/commitment cash flows
          Earned Value Concept
          Cost Codes
    Chapter 14: Group Dynamics in Projects
          Motivation Theories
          Management Styles

Module 7: Closing the Project

    Chapter 15: Group Dynamics in Projects
          Motivation Theories
          Management Styles
    Chapter 16: Managing Change
          Module Outline
          Reasons for resistance to change
          Principles for managing change
          Change actions during the project life cycle
    Chapter 17: Closing the Project
          Technology Transfer