Sneak preview of Online Learning Platform

  • Video lectures


    Collection of video lectures and webinars (online seminar with audio video chat) presented by academic and business experts.

  • Audio lectures

    Alltere LifeVarsity

    Audio lectures given by top university lectures, guest lectures and industry experts on various subject topics.

  • E - Contents

    Alltere LifeVarsity

    Downloadable and printable e-content materials present 24/7, which makes you feel easy going with your course.

  • Online tests and projects

    Alltere LifeVarsity

    Completely online tests and projects, to output your knowledge that you gathered on your course.

  • Discussions

    Alltere LifeVarsity

    Forums, chats, Inmail options to share your ideas with your fellow students and tutors

  • Digital Library

    Alltere LifeVaristy

    Unbeatable open courseware contains around 5000 reference e-materials from top universities.

  • Knowledge Base

    Alltere LifeVarsity

    Blogs and wiki to participate and to gain ideas from the info posted by academic and industry experts.

  • Time management Tools

    Alltere LifeVarsity

    Personal profile, calendar, events and glossary which keep you intimated on the upcoming programs